Limited Edition Art Prints by Bruce Kaiser

Sammy' Playland limited edition print, 32 Ford 3W coupe hot rod Ted's Drive-In limited edition print, 33 Ford hot Rod Skyvue Drive-In Theater Limited Edition Print with 69 Plymouth GTX Woodward Avenue limited Edition print with Royal Pontiac GTO, Hemi-Cuda, and Nickey Camaro Drag racing GTO and Corvette Shade Tree Mechanic Limited Edition print flathead powered 32 ford Highboy Roadster Limited Edition Print of a chopped Merc custom Jungle Jim Lieberman Nova A/FX funny car Esquire Theater Limited Edition print, 53 Cadillac, 53 Corvette Red Arrow Trolly Car Dinner Limited Edition Print

Kaiser Illustration Limited Edition Automotive Art Prints

I really enjoy painting scenes of Detroit Muscle Cars and traditional hot rods. I paint the cars as I remember them in traditional small town 50s-60s settings using opaque watercolor and acrylics on illustration board. I have been using digital tools in my commercial work, but still paint traditionally. The prints above are just a small sampling of my muscle car and hot rod artwork. Please visit for more information. A few originals of my paintings are for sale.

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